Project Description

The DuPage Children’s Museum is a non-profit museum for children in the Chicago suburbs, which relies on donations through their website and volunteer work. Their existing website contained scattered information across too many pages, and registration forms were long and complicated.

Existing membership registration forms were very long and did not always pertain to the type of registration. For example, daycare providers did not need to fill out the majority of the form since it was not required for their type of membership, however the form required that they do so.

Persona research revealed key stakeholders, and forms were redesigned with each persona in mind. Automatic filtering was built into the form, so that answers to specific questions determined what information was required by each type of user. Additionally, forms were structured as part of an overall information architecture redesign, where labeling, organization, and navigation were improved. This allowed users to readily locate the forms and donate to the organization, thereby improving conversion rates and user satisfaction on the website.

Project Details

Multiple usability flaws were corrected on DCM’s website, and redesigned user input on forms combined with content reorganization improved usability and donor conversion rates.