We are unique - About Situated Research

Situated Research is a pioneer in creative design, development, information deployment and usability. Our “situated” approach means that we study the actual environments where products are used to evaluate the user experience in situ. Founded in 2008, Situated Research believes that usability research should be built into design efforts to create the best possible product.

Situated Research works with clients across a variety of industries: including game and software companies such as EA, Sony and Disney Interactive; as well as a variety of small to medium-sized businesses on website usability projects.

In paying close attention to the way information is structured and presented, Situated Research helps its clients create powerful yet elegant solutions that balance aesthetics with functionality.

What we strive for

Keep it simple

Results are clear, concise, and to the point. We are in the business of making usability research as straightforward as possible.

Keep our word

Value traditional practices: trustworthiness, keeping our word, and dependability. We know you need valuable end-results.

Keep it current

Invest time and resources to stay current with emerging technology, so that results are valuable both today & tomorrow.


Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D.

Dr. Sharritt is President and Co-founder of Situated Research, and specializes in user-experience (UX) research and usability testing within software and video games.
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Michel Ann Sharritt

Vice President and Co-founder of Situated Research, she has a diverse background in user research, information technology, finance, and the medical industry.
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Jennifer Kania

Jennifer has fifteen years experience in development and IT business systems analysis, with a background in human-computer interaction.
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Alex Chen, Ph.D.

Dr. Chen is an expert in statistical research when conducting quantitative studies, and enjoys research in human-computer interaction and usability.
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David Woods, Ph.D.

Dr. Woods enjoys interactive software development that facilitates education research, and the qualitative analysis of both video and audio data.
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Laura Minnigerode, M.Ed.

Laura is a Harvard graduate and an experienced usability researcher who enjoys conducting formative evaluation of media and programs.
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Happy clients

Available positions

We’re always looking for passionate, knowledgeable, and all around great people who specialize in usability.


Transcribe video of software and technology use with speed and efficiency, using a specialized notation for both verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Type 70+ wpm
  • Great communicator
  • Learn new software
  • Transcribe dialog
  • Knowledge of games
  • Attention to detail

UX Researcher

We are looking for experts to do cutting-edge UX research within software and games, offering mission-critical solutions that balance aesthetics with functionality.

  • Relevant M.S. or Ph.D.
  • UX experience
  • Passion for usability
  • Great communicator
  • Gaming experience
  • Knowledge of design
  • Strong work ethic

Business Development

Usability is key to software design, which drives satisfaction and market share. Help us deliver business solutions that offer clients usable, efficient and great user experiences.

  • 4+ years in sales
  • Usability knowledge
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Great communicator
  • Translate client needs
  • Build out markets
  • Self-motivated


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