Project Description

Cyclical testing was performed in conjunction with QuadMed, a division of QuadGraphics. Working with the development team, several iterations of design were examined for ease of use, functionality, aesthetics, and overall usability. Several cycles of design resulted in software that was integrated well with the Tableau reporting software platform, and a high quality user experience.

The software developed serves as a dashboard for hospitals to evaluate their clinic performance, and is used by a variety of stakeholders including hospital staff, administrators, and sales / marketing teams. Personas were identified to construct a simplified user interface that was easy to learn and interpret hospital performance by a variety of stakeholders. Improved filters and data visualizations helped users to interpret data more efficiently.

Several competing designs were evaluated and merged to create a great end-user experience.

Project Details

The reporting software was designed for the medical professionals and integrated with the Tableau software platform. Custom user-interfaces were created in conjunction with the client’s design team, resulting in a satisfying user experience.



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