Poll Your Audience

Surveys allow you to reach a large audience and ask targeted questions that will inform design. Armed with statistical significance, your decision makers will have confidence moving forward with design.

Ask the Right Questions

The most important aspect in a survey is asking the right questions, in an unbiased way: so critical design components are examined in a way where participants are not led towards a particular response.

Get Statistical Signifigance

A carefully constructed survey will generate powerful data to inform design. Our experts will perform a statistical analysis of your survey data, helping you achieve statistical significance to make informed decisions.

Focus on Key Features

Surveys are structured questionnaires that produce data on user performance or sentiment to gauge what works and doesn’t work in a design. The goal is to highlight design problems and successes so you can serve your users better.

These tests rely on structuring good questions and experts in statistical analysis, so that results are statistically significant. With surveys we have helped clients determine what features to include in a new product, and helped others capture feedback from a product that has already been released.

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Unbiased User Feedback

Online surveys can vary in length and format, and quality relies on careful design. To reduce bias, leading questions need to be avoided, and responses need to be in a format that generates the most useful data. Results can be gathered quickly from a large pool of participants, with statistical analysis of the data done by a trained expert.

Gain quick and honest feedback from lots of people by asking the right questions; and give your decision makers confidence by backing up their decisions with statistical hard evidence.

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