Their Environment

Get users to test your website in their own native environment, and get real feedback from actual users on your website’s effectiveness and usability.

Rapid Feedback

Set up tasks for users to gauge the usability of your website. With as little as 3-5 tasks, you will get rapid feedback that can fix 80% of your usability problems.

Inform Design

Quick feedback from actual users can gauge their satisfaction with your design, as well as measure time-on-task and user completion rate.

Power of User Testing

You will be amazed how powerful a quick test with remote users is at discovering where your design needs to go. With as little as 3-5 tasks, 80% of your usability problems can be revealed.

Task-completion rate, time on page, time on task and satisfaction can be measured, as well as useful comments and user satisfaction. Video of users commenting while running through scenarios and tasks will help you learn where you need the most improvement.

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Gain Quick User Feedback

Need quick feedback from lots of remote users on your website, mobile app or software product? By capturing feedback in the user’s natural environment, both quantitative and qualitative insights can be gained.

There is no substitute for user feedback. Avoid needless design iterations with remote user testing, which will inform design and fix key usability problems while reducing your development costs.

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