Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

We’ll gather data showing users interacting with your product, which will be encoded and transcribed on the Transana cloud-based research platform.

Patterns of Use

Patterns of Use

A recursive analysis allows usability patterns to emerge by taking an open-ended look at what your users accomplish and how effectively they do it.

Key Results

Key Results

Intensive data analysis yields powerful, actionable findings that speak directly from your users: a most effective way to inform design and create good usability.

Research Platform

Transana is Situated Research’s qualitative research platform due to its unique advantage as a cloud-based platform. Collaborative usability research by multiple remote researchers is now possible, and can include members of your design team.

The goal is to serve your users better by completing a recursive analysis of videotaped user behavior to inform design with actual usage patterns. This uncovers why users behave the way they do in order to design the best possible product.

Transcripts to Inform Design

We build multiple transcripts in Jeffersonian notation: a system that records non-verbal behavior, communication with others, gestures and actions within the interface; as well as variances in speech such as speed, pauses, emphasis, and tone. This yields patterns in user behavior that gauge usability in an ‘in-situ’ environment.

Our usability experts study complex interactions to create a complete picture of your product’s usability. We have worked on highly interactive video games, software, and product user interfaces.

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Behavioral Research

Our analysis examines the user interface, user communication, and how users learn to use your product in a social environment.

Qualitative studies are the most meaningful form of user testing: aimed at producing patterns of user behavior to help you discover what works and doesn’t work in the design. A qualitative study will paint a detailed, holistic picture of actual product use.

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