Thorough Analysis

Bring in our Ph.D’s with expertise in human factors and usability, to gauge the user-experience (UX) of your product.

Nail Down Design

We will discuss design with your team, after looking at over 60 areas of usability and examining your business goals.

Key Findings Report

You’ll get a summary of key usability findings, discussing specific problem areas to inform your design team.

Guide Your Design Path

Many clients choose an expert design review early in the design process, since a finished product is not quite ready for users to test. An expert in usability and design can talk high-level design to ensure your team is headed in the right direction.

The nature of this test is highly contingent to the product being tested, but will involve a usability expert gauging a product’s usability and user experience. In other words, we’ll find out how and why users behave the way they do while interacting with your product.

See Examples

Meet Business Objectives

Avoid needless iterations of design because you forgot to assess your design early on. An expert design review will ensure your final product aligns with business objectives while satisfying users with good functionality.

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