Hone Design & Usability

Cyclical testing works well with agile development teams. Each successive iteration (push) is analyzed and usability problems are identified and solved.

Verify Changes

As designs change over subsequent iterations, their user experience can be verified to ensure past usability issues are gone, and new problems have not arisen.

Inform Design

Cyclical testing works well with most development methods by informing design through the development process to ensure ease-of-use in the final product.

Huge Returns

Our clients have seen huge returns with cyclical testing, allowing good usability to be incorporated and verified during successive design iterations. Mixing and matching of variations can then cross pollinate competing designs and improve other sections of a design when retesting.

By doing multiple testing, you’ll shift your mindset from instant ROI to learning. By embracing negatives, not only do you learn what not to do, you give yourself a second chance to turn them into positive results next time around. This informs successive iterations that merge the best features from competing designs.

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Refine & Confirm Usability

Usability problems are easier to fix the earlier they are found. A product that has launched will be expensive to fix, while a prototype will be cheap.

Cyclical testing is designed so that subsequent design iterations can take advantage of usability findings from previous rounds. Design is refined with good usability that is confirmed with users, ensuring a final product that is both easy and satisfying to use.

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