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Detailed Web Analysis

Detailed Web Analysis

We’ll trace your business objectives through your website to see what services you offer and how effectively you communicate. We’ll look at your site’s navigation structure, color psychology, and social media initiatives.

Assess Competitors

Assess Competitors

Find out how effectively your industry competitors attract new customers, and how their website’s overall experience stacks up against yours. Typically two or three top competitors can reveal insights into how you can better target clients.

Key Findings Report

Key Findings Report

A summary will show specific areas that you lead your competitors, and where they lead you. Key findings will allow your design team to maximize the effectiveness of your website and attract more customers.

See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Competitive Website Assessment makes it easy to spy on your competition. You’ll be able to see things like how many indexed pages, inbound links, and social media followers they have, and how your traffic rank compares to theirs.

This helps you stay on the winning side by assessing your branding, usability, accessibility, information architecture, or any other element of your web content strategy.

By examining your competitors’ websites, you can gauge what you do best and what they do best: creating key objectives that you can improve upon.

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Increase Your Return On Investment

Over 3,000 companies have had their website analyzed by Situated Research to see how they measure up against their competition.

Your website is an investment. Effective marketing will attract more clients, giving your business the boost it needs. Spy on your competition to grow your market share and maximize the ROI of your website.

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