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January 2010 Newsletter — brought to you by Situated Research

Here’s to a prosperous New Year! This issue contains:

  • January specials
    1. Discounts on website packages and social media marketing campaigns: $300 off;
      or $500 off for the first 20 to sign up
    2. FREE usability analysis and report for your current website
  • Upcoming & recorded webinars
  • Latest blog articles

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you expand your business by presenting a powerful message to your customers. Kick off the new year by making an investment in your business and its future success!

Michel Ann Sharritt
(630) 522-0855

January Specials:

1.      Discounts on website packages and social media marketing campaigns: $300 off; or $500 off for the first 20 to sign up

We are offering website package discounts and reduced pricing on social media marketing campaigns. If you’re among the first twenty to sign up, you’ll receive an extra $200 off, for a total of $500 off the package price. Don’t miss out: take advantage by locking in your free quote. Give us a call or click here to get started!

2.     Free Website Usability Report on your current website.

There is no obligation – Visit our website and sign up for the FREE usability report. Within a couple days, you will have a professional usability report in-hand (14-20 pages). Our in-depth analysis of your website will shed light on your website’s overall effectiveness, discussing things like color psychology, branding, navigation structure, and your website’s ability to communicate a powerful message that gives customers a clear call to action. Take advantage while it’s free: our analyses give deep, valuable insight into a website’s effectiveness!

Webinar Schedule & Recordings:

Please visit our webinar schedule to sign up for future webinars. We will be introducing new webinar topics, including:

·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and landing page design

·         Social Media Marketing (SMM) – techniques and campaigns

·         Information Architecture (IA), including website navigation, organization and design schemes

·         Video game usability and user-experience (UX) research

You may also watch recordings of our previous webinars - available on our website. Even better, subscribe to our Podcast if you want to take them with you on the go!

Latest Blog Entries:

Following are some of the latest stories from Situated Research’s Blog. You may subscribe to our RSS feed to receive our latest news and events as soon as they are posted.

Setting Your Business Website Apart From the Competition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is concerned with helping to raise your website on a list of returned results when people perform a search for your business. In other words, when customers search on Google for a business like yours, how far down the list will your business appear? The closer to the top, the more likely potential customers are to visit your website. Read more »

Point, Click, Read: The Power of Good Web Copy

Good writing is the fundamental element of your small business marketing strategy.  A thoughtful, well-crafted message that connects with your customers will do more to win and keep customers than any other element.

This is particularly true for Web sites.  Although the Web is a visual-driven medium, with sites using flashy graphics, sounds, and other fancy features, success still comes down to what you say and how you say it.

However, Web site copy differs significantly from that of, say, brochures or display ads.  With only few seconds to capture and hold the reader’s attention, Web copy must be brief and to the point, but engaging enough for them want to see more. Read more »

Need Usability Experts for Your Company’s Applications?
Read more »

Six Wonderful Things About Games

Games are a wonderful medium. Like music, literature, film and theatre, games do a great deal to help make life worth living. In Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde said, “All art is quite useless.” He said this to illustrate that yes, art has little to no practical value. That does not mean that art is of no benefit to anyone of course! For me, the same argument can be applied to games, as their entertainment value is enough to justify their existence.

Critics of games however are full of concerns about violence, addiction and distractions from what the establishment regards as “more meaningful” pursuits. These being reading, watching films or punching someone in the face in a bar… Read more »

About Situated Research...

Co-founded by Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Sharritt, Situated Research is dedicated to exploring how technology can become more accessible, and aims to help innovate ways to communicate with and engage your customers and end-users. Situated Research examines the user experience in situ, or in the actual environments where products are used, to uncover user practices and behaviors that suggest ways in which technology is expected to behave. These insights help to design spot-on, easy-to-use solutions that balance aesthetics with functionality.

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