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Learnability, efficiency, safety, effectiveness, memorability and software’s overall utility are key factors in its long-term success and profitability. All of these aspects can be improved by incorporating usability experts throughout the software development lifecycle.

Most software design processes share similar phases, but differ on speed and the degree of repetition (cycling) through the phases. The nature of development varies by model: some models encourage a broad exploration of designs, while others encourage depth in design. Each software development process has its associated advantages and disadvantages affecting the end product, and involving usability experts can help compensate for the weaknesses associated with a particular design process.

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Free Website Usability Forum (8/27)

Attend our live Q&A session where attendees can receive feedback on their website from usability experts. If you'd like an analysis before the webinar, you can request a free website usability report so that you can ask more questions at the forum.

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Whether we help you design tomorrow's video games, software, or websites, you should know exactly what kind of experience you create for your users. This knowledge helps to design situations that yield intended, meaningful outcomes with lasting results.

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