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November 2009 Newsletter — brought to you by Situated Research

We wish that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! This issue contains:

  • Special web offers: $1000 off all blogs; get a FREE usability report on your website
  • Upcoming & recorded webinars
  • Latest blog articles

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you expand your business by presenting a powerful message to your customers! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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Special Thanksgiving Offers:

1.      Website Discounts: $1000 off a custom blog for your website! Or, $500 off photo packages for local customers! (Half off!)

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2.      Free Website Usability Report on your current website

There is no obligation – Visit our website and sign up for the FREE usability report. Within a couple days, you will have a professional 16-20 page usability report in-hand. Our in-depth analysis of your website will shed light on your website’s overall effectiveness, discussing things like color psychology, branding, and navigation structure. Additionally, we’ll tell you how powerful your message to your customers is, and whether you have a clear call to action. Take advantage now while it’s free; this kind of value doesn’t come along every day!

Check back at website after December 1 to view next month’s Holiday Specials!

Webinar Schedule & Recordings:

Please visit our webinar schedule to sign up for future webinars. Generally, our FREE live webinar on websites is every Friday, with paid webinars ($25) on social media integration and SEO bi-weekly. Visit our webinar schedule for the latest information.

Also, you may watch recordings of our previous webinars here. Or, subscribe to our Podcast if you want to take them with you on the go!

Latest Blog Entries:

Following are some of the latest stories from Situated Research’s Blog. You may subscribe to our RSS feed to receive our latest news and events as soon as they are posted.

The Real Reasons Why To Use Social Media

There are dozens of reason why but we’ll keep it to the top ten. These are:

1.      You will find whomever you want to do business with somewhere online

2.      You will find whatever knowledge you need about any market or any person online

3.      You can reach your market by simply engaging in the right conversations with the right people. This is more effective than advertising. Read more » 

Avatars Can Surreptitiously And Negatively Affect User In Video Games, Virtual Worlds

ScienceDaily (Nov. 11, 2009) — Although often seen as an inconsequential feature of digital technologies, one’s self-representation, or avatar, in a virtual environment can affect the user’s thoughts, according to research by a University of Texas at Austin communication professor. Read more »

Video Games Climbing the Ladder of American Pastimes

Study Finds Americans Spend More Time and Money on Games than their European Counterparts

TNS,, and SPIL GAMES today announced the launch of the 2009 Today’s Gamers International Survey results for the U.S. market. The survey focuses on demographics, time and money spent, and gaming trends across Europe and the United States involving all game platforms.

According to the survey, American men and women spend significantly more time and money on video games than their European counterparts. Of the U.S. citizens polled, 83% play video games and many rank it as their favorite pastime ahead of popular activities like surfing on the Internet and watching television. Read more »

Web Design Trends for 2010

With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to pack away the old, worn web designs and prepare for the brave, new face of tomorrow. Although trends don’t start and stop on January 1st, there is a definite shift from what we craved at the beginning of the year to what we are seeking tutorials for at the end of the year. Most of the time, this shift is subtle. It’s a perfection or re-interpretation of a currently hot trend. Trends help us evolve as designers. As we master the skills of design aesthetic, we continue to push forward to what’s next or what needs to be fully discovered. Read more »

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