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February 2010 Newsletter — brought to you by Situated Research


Breaking News: Situated Research is now partners with Disney Interactive Studios!

Disney Interactive Studios, the game development division of Disney, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Situated Research to conduct user-experience research on their games. We are very excited to be working with Disney to create innovative, leading-edge games! To learn more about Situated Research’s unique approach to video game user-experience research, check out our brochure.

This issue contains information on our upcoming webinar on social media marketing, as well as some of our most recent blog entries. Thank you for reading and we welcome your feedback!

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Webinar Schedule & Recordings

If you read this before Tuesday, February 9th, sign up for our FREE webinar on Social Media Marketing! Visit for registration and information on other webinars. We will be discussing:

·         Making money using social media marketing

·         The use of blogs and twitter for social media marketing

·         Increasing overall traffic to your website

·         Building inbound links to your website and why it is important

·         And so much more!

Join us on Tuesday, February 9th @ 1pm CST:

You may also watch recordings of our previous webinars - available on our website. Even better, subscribe to our Podcast if you want to take them with you on the go!

Latest Blog Entries

Following are some of the latest entries from our blog.

Realism in UI Design

The history of the visual design of user interfaces can be described as a gradual change towards more realism. As computers have become faster, designers have added increasingly realistic details such as color, 3D effects, shadows, translucency, and even simple physics. Some of these changes have helped usability. Shadows behind windows help us see which window is active. The physicality of the iPhone’s user interface makes the device more natural to use. Read more »

Don’t Over Think It – SEO is Just Marketing

So many people tend to really over think SEO when they start to realize that they need it. It is not a magic pill or a secret potion it is simply a different type of marketing approach to get internet traffic to find your website. Marketing does not come with a set of rules or guidelines. Search engine optimization is new and fresh and it is going through many various changes but it is important to grab a hold of it sooner than later to help promote your business. Read more »

Gaming Usability 101

Steve Krug argues in his book Don’t Make Me Think! that a good program or product should let users accomplish their intended tasks as easily and directly as possible. The less time it takes a person to complete a desired task (even if only by a few seconds), the more satisfying it becomes. When that happens, people are more likely to use a product in greater frequency and return for more. So in the spirit of improved usability, here are ten standard features every videogame designer should embrace. Read more »

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