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December 2009 Newsletter — brought to you by Situated Research

Happy Holidays! We wish that you have a very special holiday season! This issue contains:

  • Holiday specials
    1. Discounts on website packages: $500 on custom website packages; $750 on premium website packages
    2. FREE usability analysis and report on your website
  • Upcoming & recorded webinars
  • Latest blog articles

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you expand your business by presenting a powerful message to your customers! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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Holiday Specials:

1.      Website Deals: $500 on custom website packages; $750 on premium website packages!

We are offering website package discounts on custom and premium website packages. Our prices were very competitive to begin with! Don’t miss out: take advantage by locking in your free quote by December 31st. Give us a call or click here to get started!

2.      Free Website Usability Report on your current website.

There is no obligation – Visit our website and sign up for the FREE usability report. Within a couple days, you will have a professional 16-20 page usability report in-hand. Our in-depth analysis of your website will shed light on your website’s overall effectiveness, discussing things like color psychology, branding, and navigation structure. Additionally, we’ll tell you how powerful your message to your customers is, and whether you have a clear call to action. Take advantage now while it’s free; this kind of value doesn’t come along every day!

Webinar Schedule & Recordings:

Please visit our webinar schedule to sign up for future webinars. Generally, our FREE live webinar on websites is every Friday, with paid webinars ($25) on social media integration and SEO bi-weekly. Visit our webinar schedule for the latest information.

Also, you may watch recordings of our previous webinars here. Or, subscribe to our Podcast if you want to take them with you on the go!

Latest Blog Entries:

Following are some of the latest stories from Situated Research’s Blog. You may subscribe to our RSS feed to receive our latest news and events as soon as they are posted.

How to Integrate Social Media into Product Marketing

Posted on: December 10th, 2009

Recently, I’ve had former colleagues from a couple of my old employers ask me about social media. Specifically, how to get started in it from a professional perspective. They’re aware that social media can be powerful, but it can be daunting to figure out an entrance point and what you’re supposed to do with it.

Now I’m no Chris Brogan, but I do have hands-on experience. Specifically, I’ve been doing product marketing for a while now, with both Connect beam and BEA Systems. BEA Systems was great for traditional product marketing work. Connect beam is great for social media-oriented product marketing work. I’ve learned some things that work for me. Read more »

Integrating Social Media into a Web Content Strategy

Posted on: December 10th, 2009

Whether you’re an employee or a consultant, it sometimes falls to you to drag an organization into the 21st century—and that often means convincing a company to adopt social media. Someone might even be asking you about some new web tool their son or daughter is using.

“Any individual or organization that sells products or offers services should value open communication as a goal. If your client or company does not have an existing communications plan, or even a mission statement that includes nods to openness or transparency, a social media strategy might be a good starting point for developing one.” Read more » 

Why You Should Outsource Usability Testing

Posted on: November 23rd, 2009

Small companies should consider outsourcing the facilitation of their usability testing projects.  On the surface, it makes sense to have a designer/developer who has a deep understanding of the project be in charge of usability testing, but in fact this can cause serious problems. Read more » 

How to Get Inbound Links to Your Website in Order to Raise SEO

Posted on: November 23rd, 2009

In a recent blog post discussing the importance of link building for search engine optimization, I asked people to share how they build links to their website. I recommend you go read the responses. I also recommend you read that article so you know how to construct inbound links so they affect your search rankings for individual keywords that you want to rank for. Read more »

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