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How to Fix a Bad User Interface


Have you ever experienced a user interface that feels lifeless? Have you created a UI that just seems to be missing…something?

If that’s the case, you’ve probably experienced a case of Awkward UI. Read On →

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  1. Mobile Shopping: Key Features Users Want (Monday, October 5th)
    With $23.8 billion of mobile commerce sales expected in 2015 (Coda Research), it is more important than ever that you optimize your customer experience on mobile devices.
  2. Designing Interactive Software & Products (Tuesday, October 13th)
    Learn how usability research can help your final product align with business objectives: yielding increased revenue and market share, as well as happier users and better brand perception.
  3. Using Storytelling & Persona Research to Guide Design (Friday, October 16th)
    Learn how user personas and storytelling can be used to create more effective products with happier users. Figure out what the user needs, what kind of experience your solution creates, and determine whether the solution actually works.

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We believe that usability research is a key component of desiging the best possible product: yielding a powerful yet elegant solution that balances aesthetics with functionality. Until next month,

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