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 Newsletter from Situated Research - March 2012



Good Usability = Happy Users + Product Sales  


This month, Situated Research hosted a free webinar titled Designing Interactive Software and Products which details how usability research can improve the ease of use and functionality of software and consumer products. You can watch this free webinar along with others on usability on our website.


Webinar - Designing Interactive Software and Products


What are users saying about your software or product? Are your users happy and trouble-free, or are they frustrated and calling for customer support? A recent study by Karat & Lund described savings on customer service costs, following a user-friendly redesign of a product: "an improved experience by Schneider Automation resulted in $2 million saved in call center support costs over the first 10 months after the change."


Incorporating usability expertise ensures that the final product aligns with business objectives: with increased revenue and market share, as well as happier users and better brand perception.

Topics covered:

  • Examining user interaction, collaboration, and engagement with human-computer interfaces
  • Benefits of usability research, such as increased sales, better customer loyalty, higher user productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Basics of Interaction Design, and how it affects everyday products you use
  • Designing products for collaborative use and happy users
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative usability research
  • Different types of testing and research for particular products and design situations
  • How your product's usability directly impacts your brand image, and your bottom line

Watch On-Demand:

Webinar On-Demand
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Whether we help you design tomorrow's video games, software, or websites, you should know exactly what kind of experience you create for your users. This knowledge helps to design situations that yield intended, meaningful outcomes with lasting results. 


All the best for you and your business this month,


The Situated Research Team


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