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Newsletter from Situated Research - March 2011


Situated Research believes in taking baby steps to increase your online presence. We challenge you to increase the daily traffic to your company website by 30% this month.

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1. Social Media: Measuring ROI

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. It's that simple.


With social media, you need to have tools to measure your progress to see if you are on track, and be able to adapt quickly if things go south. Your measurement must be based on measurable business objectives. Companies like Dell measure social media ROI by the ratio of negative/positive comments online, and their Twitter feed has led to over $3 million in revenue.


Simply knowing how to use social media is not enough: you must know how to utilize it to it's full potential. Our FREE webinar will help you and your company to turn visitors into income. Learn more at 


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2. Advanced SEO Strategies


This class will build upon the SEO 101: Getting Down to Basics webinar by providing more in-depth strategies for optimizing your site for search engines. Now that you understand search engine basics, you're ready to dive deeper into areas of search engine accessibility, multimedia, sitemaps, page annotations, site security, and more. Learn more at

Space is limited, so reserve your seat today:

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(Monday, March 14th, 10 - 11am CST)


All the best for you and your business this month.

The Situated Research Team

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