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Asking the Right Questions When Conducting User Research

A focus group is a moderated discussion that typically involves 5 to 10 participants. Through a focus group, you can learn about users’ attitudes, beliefs, desires, and reactions to concepts.

Focus groups provide group consensus on what consumers want, or how they feel after using a product, while interviews accomplish the same without the bias of others’ opinions in group settings. Read More →

The ROI of User Experience (UX)

Join us July 7: learn why your user experience (UX) quality is key for successful design

Companies that invest in UX produce products faster: developers spend less time on significant alterations and fixes. In addition, happy users return to use the product, and often tell their friends. Alternatively, frustrated users will complain on social media and create negative press.

A Forbes article pointed out: “According to IBM, code defects are 30 times more expensive to correct than using the right information in the first place. It is extremely unlikely that these coding defects will occur if you choose the UX design.”

Join us at this free webinar on Friday, July 7 @ 1pm CDT.

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Know what kind of experience you create for your users: always design with usability in mind to create meaningful outcomes with lasting results.

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