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 Newsletter from Situated Research - February 2012


Game Developer's Conference




For those in the gaming community, we will be attending GDC 2012 in San Francisco, and have some time slots open on Wednesday (March 7th). If you are attending, please let us know so we can meet up!  


Upcoming Webinars

Gamer Psychology: Designing Hit Video Games
(February 29 @ 3pm CST)

The rate of success when developing video games is relatively low when compared to other industries. Designing a hit video game requires a brilliant concept, hard work, and a bit of luck.


What can game companies do to raise their success rate in building profitable, hit games? User experience research may be the key to raising the success rate, but misconceptions of what it entails and confusion with QA testing often leave it on the back burner.



  • Differentiating Quality Assurance (QA) from usability research
  • Problems with starting usability research at the end of the development life cycle
  • Modeling gamer psychology and gamer challenges
  • Designing engagement: motivating players through goals and failures
  • Problems with standard usability tests, such as the RITE method


The speaker, Michel Ann Sharritt of Situated Research, is an internationally recognized speaker on social media, usability, and website design. She has over 16 years of marketing experience and a strong track record of helping software companies succeed with their design needs.


Space is limited, so reserve your seat today:


 Wednesday, February 29th, 3-4:00pm CDT
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Whether we help you design tomorrow's video games, software, or websites, you should know exactly what kind of experience you create for your users. This knowledge helps to design situations that yield intended, meaningful outcomes with lasting results. 


All the best for you and your business this month,


The Situated Research Team


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