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1. Usability Research Webinar

Free Webinar: Friday, August 29 @ 2pm CDT

A broad variety of usability tests are available that can benefit your software or product, but which should you choose? The importance of usability has been documented: according to Rhodes, “Sun Microsystems has shown how spending about $20,000 could yield a savings of $152 million dollars. Each and every dollar invested could return $7,500 in savings.” However, should an independent expert be involved or can you run usability tests in-house? Should you focus on the user-interface (UI) or user-experience (UX)?

For many companies, deciphering the purpose of the wide range of tests is overwhelming, as is deciding which tests will have the most impact on improving their product. Join us on Friday, August 29th @ 2pm CDT to learn how usability research can improve your bottom line, with specific guidelines on choosing tests that make the most impact on the quality and performance of your product.

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Know what kind of experience you create for your users: always design with usability in mind to create meaningful outcomes with lasting results.

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